Are You Ready for a Bigger Pot?

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Several years ago, I purchased some plants and flowers that I haphazardly left in their original containers for a few months. One day I noticed the roots found their way through the holes of those plastic containers and the plants began to look a bit haggard. Throughout my years of many failures and successes when growing plants and flowers, I realize the process for growth and multiplication is not the same application for all of my garden friends. Some plants grow slow, while others take off like a lightening rod!

While fertilization, watering and getting sufficient sunlight was essential, my problem was leaving these plants and flowers in pots they outgrew. After buying some bigger containers to replant my foliage in, I was amazed at how fast those plants and flowers flourished.

How do you know when you’re ready to move into a bigger pot? I’m not referring to a…

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Today is Valentine’s Day and an annual celebration where lover’s exchange tokens of their affection and adoration for each other. But how do you quantify love? You can’t.

True love is not a conditional emotion. You either do or you don’t. A box of chocolates, a romantic dinner, an adventurous escapade, a tear-jerking love story or a thoughtful card can express sentimentality, but does or should the celebration simply end there?

Regardless of whether or not you have a significant other to commemorate this occasion with, just remember to love yourself, if you are by yourself. Or, think about visiting a convalescent home or children’s hospital and share some homemade gifts of love with them. We know they would really appreciate your kindness. Remember, you have  364 more days of this year to share some of that good ole-fashioned love from your heart, if you can’t do it today.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy New Year

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Oh Holy Night…the stars are brightly shining!

Happy Thanksgiving Day, Gratitude, Thankful

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If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you. Steve Jobs


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November is Diabetes Awareness Month and American Diabetes Month® 2016: This is Diabetes™. Every 23 seconds someone is diagnosed with diabetes.

People are challenged to bring awareness to this disease on social media and make a video dancing for 23 seconds in the #DiabetesDanceDare challenge. If you plan on participating in the #DiabetesDanceDare, don’t forget to use the hashtag phrase just mentioned to see how much fun people are having as they are dancing for a good cause. Be sure to make a kind donation to the American Diabetes Association®.

Assess your lifestyle. If you have diabetes (especially Type 2) then you can do something about it through fitness and by making heart-healthy food choices.