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You know, it’s interesting to watch people who meet someone who is deaf suddenly get the urge to speak loud, almost shouting in some cases. Sadly, more often than not, we find that people tend to be uneasy around someone who is different from them, thus creating an atmosphere of awkwardness, exclusion, alienation, and marginalization.

I remember a community event I, along with another co-worker were assigned to do for a Springfest event in the mid-80’s. I worked for a cosmetics company in a major department store at that time and no one else in the department wanted to leave the store to participate in this assignment. The Buyer decided to “make” me and another counter manager attend the event…end of discussion. When my coworker and I found out that this presentation was for a statewide festival for deaf students, we were scared to death because we…

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Compliance specialist Ecosurety is allocating compliance evidence revenue to support campaigns by Hubbub, an environmental charity that specialises in behaviour change, in a bid to boost UK recycling.

Obligated producers and recyclers will be canvassed about which issues or campaigns should be prioritised as part of the partnership between Ecosurety and Hubbub.

A public awareness campaign will be launched in the autumn with major UK retailers to encourage more households to recycle domestic batteries.
Recent campaigns by Hubbub include a coffee cup recycling initiative and anti-litter strategies.

Ecosurety members’ compliance payments will be put towards consumer awareness campaigns via its Circularety platform, set up with the aim of increasing transparency and recycling in the UK.

They are expected to generate more recycling and ultimately lower costs for producer members.

EcosuretyJames Piper, managing director at Ecosurety (pictured), said: “We strongly feel that if UK consumers were better informed and therefore better able to care about recycling best practice, our recycling rates would increase even further.

“The collaboration with Hubbub, and use of compliance evidence money that has already been spent by producers, aims to fix this disconnect between the consumer and the waste and recycling industry.”

Trewin Restorick, Hubbub chief executive, said: ”We are committed to creating campaigns with tangible impacts and longevity, and are excited to devise awareness-raising campaigns to help UK consumers make better choices about how and what they recycle.”

Ecosurety was a double winner at MRW’s 2017 National Recycling Awards.

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Remembering Their Bravery, Sacrifice and Service

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We Remember Their Sacrifice!

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In the land of the free, Memorial Day (Decoration Day) is not a day designed for commercialism, but for remembering and honoring our heroic fallen soldiers who sacrificed much through their service to our country in the pursuit of freedom and justice for all. Let’s not forget these precious lives, who served valiantly in our armed forces. In silence for a few minutes, salute the boldness of their patriotism and with respect to the families, they left behind.

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Celebrating the Earth

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Celebrating our precious earthly home on #EarthDay

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Our world is full of life, but it is in trouble due to the destruction we are largely creating. Do you believe climate change is real? I certainly do, simply from witnessing opposing seasons interlocking at some point with each other and on the other side of the world, glaciers are melting in temperatures way below zero.

Earth Day is on April 22 and is the world’s largest environmental movement. Since the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, more than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year, with a focus on education, public policy, and consumer campaigns.

This year’s campaign is “Environmental & Climate Literacy.” Learn more about how you can get involved and take action to eliminate pollution, planting trees and tending gardens, curbing greenhouse emissions or to help power the movement. Visit the Earth Day Network.

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