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Mother's Day


May Day

Happy May Day!

Let the flowers bloom, the birds sing, the sun rise and the earth ring with peace, gladness, unity, and joy.

Happy New Year

The confetti is cleared, the fireworks have made their big bang and the celebration of entering a new year has quieted down. Everyone is back to the daily grind, but is your grind the same as it was on December 31?

We know that last year had its share of highs and lows, bumps, bruises, and victories. Our lives are colorful and the rollercoaster of life is sure to be an adventure this year as it was in the past. Yet, we continue to remain optimistic, prayerful, empowered, and encouraged. There are going to be those days where we celebrate some incredible moments with joy, and then there will be those moments that we will weep with sadness.

Just remember as long as you can breathe, you have life. Keep breathing! Keep living!

Easter, The Resurrection, Christ is Risen, Happy Easter

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Spring, Seasons, Warm Weather

Throughout our sporadic winter weather, we have been waiting for spring to get here and booyah…it has arrived. Although allergy season is in progress, I don’t think we can complain about that inconvenience and are truly grateful to welcome the warmth of the change of seasons this day brings.

Helloooooooo Spring!

Happy New Year

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Christmas, Christ is Born, Nativity, Merry Christmas

Oh Holy Night…the stars are brightly shining!