Meet The Founders

francene-marie-morris   kym  When we began Favorite Things for a CAUSE, we wanted to do something that would bridge various missions to the community.  We strive to employ the gifts and resources that God blessed us with to increase awareness, education, dialogue and involvement, on subjects that touch the heartbeat of our community in one aspect or another.

Favorite Things for a CAUSE (Creating Awareness by Understanding Setbacks through Edification), is a not-for-profit mission promoting hope, goodwill and mentoring, by collaborating with community alliances. We did not want to create another non-profit organization, because there are more non-profit organizations out here than we can keep up with. Inspired by the theme of the Oprah Winfrey Favorite Things Show, we wanted to apply a similar concept by paying forward charitable blessings to a cause.

Our platform is designed to be a resource that gives a voice to the voiceless, feeds a need, helps to defend the defenseless or lends a hand to heal the wounded. Our inaugural event held at The Dove’s Nest (a subsidiary of the Charlotte Rescue Mission) catapulted into something more sacred and encouraging than we imagined or expected. We know that oftentimes we may not have the money to pour into a cause that we are passionate about, but with faith and perseverance, we use what resources and gifts we have to make a positive impact on those who need it. Although we applaud the major national non-profit organizations who are doing some amazing things to touch the lives of those affected by their targeted causes, they do not always cover the scope of the more serious and intimate concerns affecting our local communities.

Our goal is to promote the benevolence of individuals and smaller nonprofit organizations that are making some extraordinary contributions in their communities. It’s not about us, but the mission. We know all too well what it feels like when volunteers and people who are doing unselfish acts of kindness to help others, do not want attention drawn to them. When we hear about atrocious news every day, we feel compelled to share some amazing stories of goodwill that we find more often than not. We run across ordinary people who do not wait for a disaster or holiday to make a difference, but do it throughout the year. When we highlight these humble advocates, we hope that their stories and service will inspire others to make a positive contribution as well. It is so rewarding to have people say that a story we shared encouraged them to get involved and make a positive difference in their community. Additionally, we will periodically report critical information that can be a helpmate for the operations and mission of nonprofit organizations.

If you look around, you will easily find something positive to do. Whether it’s collecting clothes for the homeless, having a toy or food drive for the less fortunate, volunteering in a soup kitchen, becoming a mentor, donating your time to read to a child or getting a few friends to pick up litter, just do something worthwhile. One person can truly make a difference. People can change the world.

There cannot be a more glorious object in creation than a human being replete with benevolence, meditating in what manner he may render himself most acceptable to the Creator by doing good to his creatures. –Henry Fielding

Be inspired, then cultivate inspiration!

From the Founders,                                                                                                                                               Francene Marie Morris and Kym Gordon Moore