An Edible Water Blob Battles Plastic Pollution

Posted: September 23, 2015 in Environmental Awareness, Sustainability
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If someone said to eat your water, you would probably look at them like they were an alien. Actually, we couldn’t blame you because we would probably look at them the same way.

Recently, we came across an article that talked about a way to get rid of plastic packaging and consume your water through an edible blob. It’s called Ooho!. This edible water blob is a water bottle without the plastic. The mission of this water orb is to battle the worldwide epidemic of plastic pollution that plagues landfills, oceans and the typical litter we see lying on our highways and byways.

Designers of Ooho! note that by rethinking the bottle, it is possible to reduce production cost. The container holds water in a double membrane using “spherification,” the technique of shaping liquids into spheres. This process works like an egg yolk, but also holds its shape. These edible, gelatinous blobs or orbs are new alternatives to plastic water bottles. Would you be willing to try this new way of consuming water, with the new Ooho! Water Orb? Check out this biodegradable water blob video presented by Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez.

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    An option to drink your #water is to eat it, with Ooho!, the edible water blob!


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