Did you know that July is Sandwich Generation Month? Sandwich in this regard is not about the food item consisting of one or more types of food placed on or between slices of bread. It’s about caring for your children and aging parents.

According to the official Sandwich Generation Month website, an astounding number of Americans are raising children while simultaneously caring for aging parents. It’s shocking to imagine, but 1 in every 8 adults between the ages of 40 and 60 fall into the category of sandwich generation caregivers. A January 2013 report from Pew Research Center suggests that now, Sandwich Generation caregivers are equally likely to be men or women; among those, however, more women report being the primary source of care. As for age, 71% are aged 41-59, though nearly 20% are younger than age 40. There is also a growing trend away from Baby Boomers in the Sandwich Generation, and towards more Generation X-ers, as both groups age.

Check out SeniorAdvisor.com for more information about the analogy of the Sandwich Generation.

  1. Sue says:

    July is also Fragile X Awareness Month

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