Find A Dream

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Rod Ricciardi, Founder of Find A Dream, has always been led to lead a team that would help youth and young adults realize their potential, by donating his time and money to building such an organization into a strong resource for those seeking nationwide mentorship. Find A Dream is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for America’s youth through education and sports. Their board and volunteers are committed to providing youth ‘after school study facilities,’ with access to computer labs and sports programs. This mission is designed to further their education.

According to their mission:
Find A Dream is a nonprofit organization unlike any other. We have partnered with professionals to deliver on our promise of positive change in young lives. Our communities become stronger when our youth is mentored through people of character with a true interest in pouring constructive, character-building activities and input into their lives. As we put the Find A Dream beliefs into practice every day through the programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body in the youths around us, our impact is felt every time an individual makes a healthy choice, when a mentor inspires a child, and when a community comes together for the common good.

 In addition, Find A Dream uses martial arts, boxing, football, fútbol (soccer) and other sports to create a safe and supportive environment for America’s youth and young adults of diverse socio-economic backgrounds. They provide role models and coaches who encourage the kids to find and reach their dreams. Learn more about Find A Dream and how you could get involved and support their cause, by visiting their website

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