Henna Heals with Henna Crowns for Hair Loss

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Benevolent, Encouragement & Edification, Ordinary People/Extraordinary Things
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It’s hard to fathom the challenges cancer patients have to deal with when going through their treatments. Hair loss is often a difficult thing, next to one’s health to watch disappear in front of your eyes. For men, a bald head does not seem as traumatic as it does for a woman or girl who is used to hair.

When we read about Henna Heals, we thought this was an amazing and creative therapeutic method to boost the morale of those experiencing hair losses, whether due to cancer treatments or alopecia. We applaud this global community of artists who create and advocate for “henna crowns” as a form of empowerment for those experiencing hair loss. This team of volunteers located in Toronto, Canada only uses the best quality, all-natural ingredients in their henna paste.

Their mission is to empower you, to help you feel beautiful, and to give you the confidence to be a walking work of art. These volunteers are developing educational resources for global henna artists that focus on health and safety. Henna Heals is also creating an online platform to connect individuals with reputable artists in their area. This company is redefining how we perceive baldness in our society. If you are interested in learning more about Henna Heals and how you can support such a noteworthy cause, visit http://www.hennaheals.ca/. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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