Poets for Hunger© Promotes Box Tops for Education

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Benevolent, Community Outreach
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Poets for Hunger© launches its 2014-2015 Box Tops for Education Label Campaign, to benefit Indian Trail Elementary School in North Carolina. Anyone can participate in this campaign, because every label helps. Join the cause now.
Poets for Hunger© Launches Box Tops for Education Campaign
Poets for Hunger© Launches Box Tops for Education Campaign

PRLogSep. 2, 2014CHARLOTTE, N.C.Poets for Hunger© launches its 2014-2015 campaign to collect Box Tops for Education labels to donate to a local school. This not-for-profit mission is designed for poets to help bring greater awareness to the issues of hunger through their community. Such issues include eradicating the lack of food, increasing cognitive performance through education and improving emotional deficiency. Poets for Hunger© (PFH) uses this opportunity to help feed and edify the mind, body and spirit.

The budgets for many schools around the country have been significantly reduced. This leaves basic essentials and tools unfulfilled, that students and teachers desperately need. The school selected this year to receive Box Top labels is Indian Trail Elementary School. According to Kym Gordon Moore, Founder of Poets for Hunger©, “Every little bit helps. Individually, one Box Top for Education label may look rather ineffective and appear to be a waste of time to cut out. When that label is combined with a collection, however, the results can produce the additional revenue a school needs, whose budget has been reduced substantially.” Although the deadline for submitting labels to Indian Trail Elementary School for the Fall season is November 1, 2014, Poets for Hunger© will continue to collect labels for the Spring school season as well.

Collecting Box Tops for Education (BTFE) also gives everyone the opportunity to recycle the container or box they cut their label off of. Poets for Hunger© invites anyone who may not have a school to give their Box Tops for Education labels to, to consider donating their BTFE to the PFH team. Find out more about Poets for Hunger© at http://www.poetsforhunger.com. If individuals desire to donate their labels to this mission’s collection, the mailing address is located on the website.

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