REPREVE, Turn It Green, Recycle Plastic Bottles

Repreve (#turnitgreen) turns recycled plastic bottles into cool things we can wear and use every day. The company creates a movement for sustainable living and reduced environmental impact. Repreve turned more than 740 million recycled bottles into fiber in 2013. They empower consumers and brands through the integration of premium fibers produced from these bottles. Here’s what you can do:

  • Toss your plastic bottles in the recycle bin, NOT the trash.
  • Recycled bottles are cleaned, chopped, melted and turned into little plastic chips.
  • Chips are transformed into Repreve recycled fiber, and then into fabrics.
  • Recycle. Look for brands that are made with Repreve when you shop.

For more information about the wide variety of products Repreve produces, go to and


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