world book night, world book night giver, book giveawayWorld Book Night 2014 was dynamic for the staff and residents of Florence Crittenton Services. Kym Gordon Moore, World Book Night Giver in the Charlotte, North Carolina area handed out specially published copies of the book “Waiting to Exhale” by Terry McMillan to the ladies. World Book Night is an annual celebration dedicated to spreading the love of reading, person to person. Each year on April 23, tens of thousands of people go out into their communities and give half a million free World Book Night paperbacks to light and non-readers. This is Moore’s third year as a volunteer World Book Night Giver.

World Book NightServices for single, pregnant, & non-pregnant teens, women and their families | Florence Crittenton Services | Charlotte, NC is about giving books and encouraging reading in those who don’t regularly do so. But it is also more than that: It’s about people, communities and connections, about reaching out to others and touching lives in the simplest of ways—through the sharing of stories.

Founded in 1903, Florence Crittenton Services of North Carolina is a non-profit organization that helps pregnant and non-pregnant yet at-risk girls and women by providing:

  1. Comprehensive medical and prenatal care
  2. Social, educational, adoption and parenting support services
  3. Substance abuse intervention, treatment and prevention

Florence Crittenton Services was established by Charlotte civic religious leaders in 1903. After an article in the news was published detailing the suicide of a single and pregnant 16-year-old, citizens joined forces to provide a safe place and understanding, rather than condemnation, for single, pregnant women.

Philanthropist Charles Crittenton donated funds and requested that the program be named in memory of his daughter, Florence, who died of scarlet fever at the age of four. Since that time, nearly 39,000 young mothers and their babies have received medical/prenatal care, social services, education and career services, adoption and parenting support services at Florence Crittenton Services.

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Alisha Jeter, Vocational Coordinator for Florence Crittenton Services coordinated the event with Kym Gordon Moore. Members of the staff who attended and supported the event were:

Alisha Jeter: Vocational Coordinator
Katherine Caya: Admissions Coordinator
Sydney Crouch: Development Associate
Sarah Hyde: Development Specialist
Diane Thompson: Program Administrator
Marilyn Thompson: CEO
Lydia Placide: Records Coordinator
Felice Hightower: After Care Parenting Education Program Social Worker
Judith Lisenby: Administrative Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator

This was the first World Book Night event at Florence Crittenton Services. Francene Marie Morris, local CBS radio personality and community volunteer, was instrumental in helping Moore work with FCS for the World Book Night giveaway. After Kym Gordon Moore addressed the young ladies who are a part of this program, they were excited to receive their books and begin reading them. Additionally, the center provided light refreshments for the gathering. Learn more about Florence Crittenton Services by clicking here.


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