When did our new-normal sneak up on us? It’s full of high-tech interruptions and vibrations of the “me first, me fast, me furious society”.  Since there’s no going back to simpler time’s maybe we can intentionally turn down the volume to better our life conditions; both mental and physical. Maybe lend a helping hand to a complete stranger without judgment and raise our future generation to be well-balanced adults.


Tim & Wynne The Finance Couple

There’s a married couple in North Carolina who actually take time to smell the roses and it’s Tim and Wynne Curran living purposefully! They work at it in just about every aspect of life; from the church steeple to the office, even their living-room breeds that open heart, open mind approach. Pretty unusual considering their backgrounds is in law and the corporate jungle. Tim practiced law back in the 90’s and Wynne worked as Area Vice President for a national property management company.

Both have slowed things down a bit working together in the financial sector for a company they’ve built from the ground up.  When asked why live by this unselfish model, they replied, “We want to make a significant difference in the world our kids will inherit. From our 2 biological children; Cole & Brenna to our intentional family Joey Chong from Malaysia & Manuel Klesse and sister Melina from Germany. We teach them all to enjoy their journey in life and we hope to be remembered as a normal couple making a difference in a few lives a little bit at a time”.

The Carolinas ALS Research Fund receives the royalties from Tim’s new book; “Keep It Simple Stupid – How to Protect Your Finances from Wall Street and Yourself”.  The book ultimately gives us a glimpse into the financial industry that Tim’s proud of, yet embarrassed by due to Wall Street shenanigans that occur. Here’s an article written by the Charlotte Observer about the Curran’s

As Tim and Wynne work side by side as certified financial planners™ (CFP®) in their company TWC Wealth Management, LLC, in Charlotte, North Carolina, Tim jokes around about his past work-life saying “I’m a proud yet reformed lawyer”. He still keeps his feet wet as an industry arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority in the southeast region and the media utilizes their expertise when the subject of money arises. You can hear them on several CBS Radio stations and on their own financial program online. “The Finance Couple” takes a concerted effort to empower women to get more involved in their small and large investments, after all they’re going to have to take the helm and maneuver money as they outlive their spouses.

During our interview with the Curran’s we learned about “Loving Letters”. They didn’t invent the concept but they highly encourage everyone to write them to close relatives and estranged family members expressing loving thoughts before leaving this earth. It’s hard to think about one’s own mortality, but “Loving Letters” can break the ice when composing and updating your Wills and appointing POA’s.

It’s pretty hard to find people we trust to handle our finances, but once you look at “The Finance Couples” track record of 23 combined years in the industry and listen to their candid opinions about how ridiculous Wall Street can be, it only opens up a conversation of how much we need to edify ourselves regarding money. Come on, it’s 2014 – let’s slow down with purpose and live unselfishly so we can smell the roses.


Joey Chong with Curran’s


Manuel, Brenna & Cole


Wynne, Brenna & Melina


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