Collecting things is nothing new, but the purpose behind the collection defines the heart of it differently. We read this story about a teenager, who at the time in 2010 was a 13 year old young man, collected pennies for a cause. While collecting pennies is not an uncommon thing, his reason for collecting them was extremely heart-warming. David Broide collected 1.5 million pennies over the course of a year. As a tribute to his late grandfather who fought Nazis in Poland, as well as part of a Bar Mitzvah project, David wanted his collection to create a visual representation for the 1.5 million children killed during The Holocaust.

Weighing approximately 6,000 pounds, David’s penny collection was put on display at the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center in Hollywood, Florida. It was most unfortunate that David’s project drew quite a bit of antagonism from some who learned about it. Although David was quite shaken by this and suspended the project for about two months, he stated, “That showed me there really is hate out there. Then I realized I had to continue. I’m like my grandfather. I stand up for what I believe in.” He actually went beyond his goal by 100,000 pennies. After this project he planned another for the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center. This time he planned to collect 6 million pennies representing all of the Jewish Holocaust victims.

We have to applaud David, as well as the support he received from his parents and friends, as he continues to honor and keep the memory alive of so many victims who suffered as a result of such an atrocious injustice. We also hope that people will garner greater sensitivity to understand the plight of a time in history that had difficult and lasting effects on survivors of this type of oppression and abuse, as well as with the generations that follow. We commend this type of non-violent bravery. And by the way, those 1.5 million pennies he donated equaled $15,000. This is a classic example of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Great job!


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