Some may not remember how there were no options to choose between a disposable diaper and cloth diaper for babies. Actually, when our generation was delivered into this world, our mothers and other mothers during our time had to do the dirty work of changing and washing diapers.

We were pleased to discover that Ivy’s Diaper Service, located in Charlotte, North Carolina is a cloth diaper rental and delivery service. This quality diaper service takes care of everything. Mothers don’t even need to wash the diapers themselves. Simply put the dirty diapers in the waterproof bag they provide and they will do the rest. Your delivery will arrive at your home in a reusable, waterproof bag. Inside the bag will be a week’s worth of clean diapers, as well as any accessories you may have ordered (such as diaper covers, diaper cream, etc.).

Ivy's Diaper Service, Green Diaper Services, Diaper ServicesHow Ivy’s Diaper Service began (excerpts from their website)

Ivy’s Diaper Service began shortly after Garrett and Mike, Ivy’s mom and dad, moved to Charlotte in 2008 when Ivy was just one month old.  Ivy had a happy butt while living in Cincinnati thanks to Good Natured Baby Diaper Service (a wonderful business), but Ivy’s parents were shocked to find they were having a very rough time finding a service in Charlotte. After months of research, nervousness and excitement, Garrett and Mike happily introduced Ivy’s Diaper Service to Charlotte.

Sadly, in August of 2011, Garrett was 38 weeks pregnant with their second daughter, Rosie, when an oncoming dump truck crossed the double yellow line and crashed head-on into Garrett’s van while she was out making deliveries.  Despite the help of many courageous people at the scene and a tireless team of doctors and nurses at the Carolinas Medical Center, Garrett and Rosie’s injuries were too severe and they did not survive the accident.

After an unbelievable outreach from the Charlotte community, Mike decided to continue the diaper service in honor of Garrett and everything she stood for. With the help of the community, friends, and most especially, family, they continue to offer green alternatives to the typical disposable diaper. Ivy’s Diaper Service strives to offer the same level of service that Garrett brought to the community. This company remains committed to providing convenient services and products that support healthy families, a healthy planet, and healthy communities.

Ivy’s Diaper Service Motto: “Happy Butts, Healthy Planet!” Be sure to visit their website  http://www.ivysdiaperservice.com, for more information. Favorite Things for a CAUSE gives this story our Green Ribbon stamp for a green idea we love. Keep up your amazing work Ivy’s!


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