Regardless of what you call it (domestic abuse, family violence, spousal abuse or domestic battering) domestic violence is an aggression, intimidation or threat that is none other than domestic bullying. In some way, shape or form people we know or evidence from personal experience, reveal an ugly or deadly side from the consequences of domestic violence. Now more than ever, people are looking this brutality in the eyes and shouting ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Recently in our area, a young woman was butchered and her body was dumped in the trunk of a car parked in the apartment complex where she and her husband lived. He murdered her and when the authorities were looking for him as a person of interest, they discovered that he committed suicide in their apartment. A birthday banner for her birthday was still hanging over the door of their apartment when all of this was discovered.

We should be as outraged about this violence, more than the rage the abusers inflict on their victims. Often, people who may not be in this situation do not understand why some people who are abused stay in the relationship. It is not something that is as easy to do as it may sound, when walking away, especially where children are involved. There are laws put in place to protect the abused and safe havens where they can go for protection are in place, more today than ever. But the evil instilled in these abusers can increase in intensity when they know their prey is either thinking about leaving or vacated the premises to escape their maliciousness.

Abusers are often in denial about doing anything wrong and sometimes their victims are too. However, what influence does this have on children who suffer from and witness these horrible crimes? Are they destined to become future domestic victims when they grow up or will they adapt the roll as domestic bully?

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but it is not the only month throughout the year to be a Voice Against Violence. Learn how you can take action by visiting websites such as the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) or You can also check your area for organizations and ways you can become an advocate or help in some way to bring an end to this deadly dysfunction!

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    This is an epidemic that is becoming all to familiar. We must become a “Voice Against Violence!”


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