Bullying Cannot Be Tolerated - from Favorite Things for a CAUSE

Prevent Bullying Through Awareness, Understanding and Action!

We all have either witnessed or heard about the increase of bullying in our schools and even find instances in some work places. We had no idea how severe bullying became until we read these statistics found on www.dosomething.org. These numbers are alarming and atrocious! Take a look for yourself.

  1. Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year.
  2. 1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong with bullying and will only intervene 4 percent of the time.
  3. Approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying.
  4. 1 in 7 students in grades K-12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying.
  5. 56 percent of students have personally witnessed some type of bullying at school.
  6. Over two-thirds of students believe that schools respond poorly to bullying, with a high percentage of students believing that adult help is infrequent and ineffective.
  7. 71 percent of students report incidents of bullying as a problem at their school.
  8. 90 percent of 4th through 8th graders report being victims of bullying.
  9. 1 out 10 students drop out of school because of repeated bullying.
  10. Harassment and bullying have been linked to 75 percent of school-shooting incidents.
  11. Physical bullying increases in elementary school, peaks in middle school and declines in high school. Verbal abuse, on the other hand, remains constant.

Bullies are terrorists, tyrants, intimidators and oppressors. Typically, they are extremely insecure and thus prey on those who they feel is even more insecure than they are and can often harass their victims without suffering any consequences; or so they think. Bullies are, quite frankly, weak and can easily find weaker people who are too afraid to walk away, and often follow their lead by becoming the bully’s posse. Bullies are actually the ones who are intimidated, but because they feel they can’t achieve excellence in something good, they turn to something so horrendous that it continues to tarnish their character and consumes any hint of good left in them.

So many people, especially kids, tend to find suicide as a way out, an end so to speak to this torture. This is such a tragic loss because the kids who are bullied are often extremely smart and are trying to make something out of themselves and positively contribute to society.

Fortunately more people and organization like dosomething.org and http://www.idontbully.org/, along with sororities, fraternities, churches and other organizations are finding ways to raise awareness and help to eradicate bullying. Bullies need help, but parents and guardians of these bullies need to step up to the plate to get help for these tormentors. In some occasions we find that the parents are guardians are even greater terrorists, so in the words of many people, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!”

Don’t just read about this or say that it doesn’t affect you. Bullying and the bullied, affect every one of us, regardless of what side of the tracks you live on. We probably can’t wipe out this menace to society completely, but we can certainly make a dent in it by taking away the power of the bully. We can’t afford to continue losing our good children to this type of terrorism!


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