Fighting Illiteracy through The Love of ReadingEnhancing literacy is something that is near and dear to our hearts. Favorite Things for a CAUSE is ecstatic about these organizations working to promote literacy. We applaud their efforts and want to encourage everyone to get involved by supporting one of these causes in case you are not supporting one in your local or state areas.

Reading Tree: A non-profit organization whose mission is to provide books to disadvantaged families in markets they serve. This organization distributed several million books to Title 1 schools and partnering charities since 2007. Reading Tree supports local libraries and literacy programs.

Literacy Inc.: A non-profit organization on a mission to fight illiteracy across America. The reach out to high school students in the continental United States.

Literacy for Incarcerated Teens (LIT): The only non-profit organization of its kind, LIT is working to end illiteracy among New York’s incarcerated young people by inspiring them to read. Through reading and literacy, young people can begin to focus their identities and outlooks more positively.

Reach Out And Read: Doctors, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals incorporate Reach Out and Read’s evidence-based model into regular pediatric checkups, by advising parents about the importance of reading aloud and giving developmentally-appropriate books to children. Families served by Reach Out and Read, are reading together more often, and their children enter kindergarten with larger vocabularies and stronger language skills.

Book Aid International: This global organization increases access to books and supports literacy, education and development in sub-Saharan Africa. Book Aid International provided 507,787 new books to over 2,000 libraries and sent more than 30 million books to partner libraries since 1954.

United Through Reading: The mission of United Through Reading is to unite families facing physical separation by facilitating the bonding experience of reading aloud together. This is the nation’s first nonprofit organization to promote the read aloud experience for separated families and offers deployed parents the opportunity to be video-recorded reading storybooks to their children, which creates positive emotional connections and cultivates a love of reading.

We thank these organizations and the many others that we did not happen upon, who are reaching out to foster the ability to read better and combat the “ills” in illiteracy in our nation and around the world!


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