Recycling Old Flip Flops to Help the Environment

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Recycling
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Recycling Old Flip-Flops - Favorite Things for a CAUSE

Old Navy Partners with TerraCycle

One of our favorite things to do is to find people or organizations coming up with some innovative ways to repurpose items that could pose as an environmental threat to our land and our lives.

This year Old Navy is partnering with TerraCycle, one of the fastest growing eco-companies in the world, to encourage everyone to turn in old, used or broken flip-flops so that they could be used as material for playgrounds. The objective is to help eliminate waste through recycling. TerraCycle was founded by Tom Szaky in 2001 and to date has turned billions of units of waste into diverse recycled products. If you have any old, worn out flip-flops, regardless of their condition, do not throw them away!

Here’s the deal. Although you cannot bring your flip-flops to any Old Navy location as previously done, you can now ship them directly to TerraCycle at no cost to you. Simply print out the pre-paid shipping label from and take your box to the nearest UPS location. Here’s an even sweeter deal: For every shipment of about 10 pairs of flip-flops or 20 individual flip-flops that you send in, Old Navy will send you a coupon that you can redeem for a free pair of flip-flops, in addition to exclusive coupons to use when you shop Old Navy stores or online at

We thought this was another creative way that you too can help Mother Earth, by keeping items like old broken-down flip-flops that can be recycled, out of our already overflowing landfills.


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