Celebrating National Humanitarian Day!

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Benevolent, Community Outreach
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Humanitarianism and Charity from Kym Gordon MooreToday is National Humanitarian Day, whose meaning is the same as World Humanitarian Day, which is celebrated on August 19. Humanitarianism is an act of kindness, sympathy and benevolence. It is genuine concern for human welfare and the willingness to engage in philanthropy through many spectrums. We see evidence of school children doing things to help others and we see so much giving by many others during a time when it seems like so many people are not in a financial position to do something.

Everyone can make a difference regardless of race, creed, color or financial status. Instead of waiting for a designated day of celebration to reach out and pay it forward, do something at any time to show your good stewardship and how much you care about the human, ecological, animal and educational condition. Use this day as an example for making  a difference every day!

Feel free to share with us how you make a difference in your community! Click on the photo below to see now these students from Indian Trail Elementary School used the miles they walked to bring clean water to those who do not have access to clean drinking water.


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