Do You Remember the 2012 Paralympic Games?

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Events
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2012 Paralympics on Favorite Things for a CAUSEThe pomp and circumstance of the 2012 Olympics in London, England mesmerized the world with heavy competition of the best athletes representing countries worldwide. Later in the month, following that event of sheer pageantry and athletic focus, the Paralympics brought us a unique element of skills and competencies. It’s unfortunate that the same type of conversation and mass excitement we witnessed with the 2012 Olympics did not spill over in the same manner with the 2012 Paralympic Games.

We were impressed by the courage and stamina these worldwide Paralympic athletes brought to the table, by representing their respective countries with dignity and honor, just like any other Olympic athlete. We truly wished there was more worldwide emphasis on the Paralympic games than we heard, because these athletes are truly inspirational to all of us who want to give up hope in the midst of situations that could inevitably be character building qualities and blessings.

We want to share this article, BBC Sport – Paralympics medals: National winners and losers at London 2012, that details the medals won in London 2012, medals won in Beijing and the overall perception of the event. It saddens us to learn that not a lot of attention was given to these incredible athletes who succeeded against all odds of being the best at what they do, instead of continuing to harbor destructive pity parties within on a day-to-day basis. There is so much all of us can learn from the brave hearts who gave their best! Thank you for having the courage to give it your all-in-all!

  1. Thanks for highlighting the courage it takes and the stamina displayed from our Paralympic athletes.


  2. WELL SAID!!

    All Paralympians have special stories, no matter where they come from. To overcome adversity in the toughest of personal circumstances, to become the best in the world, to follow your dreams, is simply admirable. Would love to feature some of your INSPIRATIONAL content on our blog, telling the stories of all brave Paralympians. Feel free to get in touch!


    • @paralympicheroes
      Thanks a million for your poignant and touching words about these remarkable athletes and thank you for your comment! We want you to know how much we appreciate the blog you dedicated to these unsung heroes. Oh how we wish so many people who are not using their God-given talents would follow the lead of not only Paralypians, but also anyone who reaches up and beyond what seems impossible to many.

      You know, we have the freedom of choice and we can choose to either progress or regress, participate or spectate, grow or die! We have the ability to be excellent and achieve greatness, no matter what naysayers try to make you think and believe. We would love to reblog a few of your posts and we invite you to feel free to do the same. All too often we hear so many reports of negative things happening all around us, because many people love the sensationalism of it all. You don’t hear enough of the stories that are the “succeeding against the odds” stories that uplift us and encourage us.

      So thank you once again for stopping by and sharing your warm comments and thoughts with us. Continue to spread the word of hope through your mission. And maybe, just maybe one day, those stories will be a commonplace in our society as opposed to getting pushed to the back burner because it isn’t interesting enough to others. Peace and Blessings always!


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