Rigid Plastic Recycling Anyone?

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Recycling
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Undoubtedly, recycling has become second nature to many of us. Often we run across items that could be recycled to avoid the landfills, but many areas do not have the means or facilities to accommodate these goods.

Rigid Plastic is one of the most difficult categories of plastics to recycle because it is hard to find recycling facilities who receive these items. The end result is that these hard plastics are very difficult to break down and wind up in massive landfills.

Rigid Plastic Recycling is a project funded in part by a grant from the MassDEP. Here are some of the most common rigid plastics:

Rigid Plastic Recycling


For more information: call (508) 979-1493 or email


Para información en Español, llame a Marissa a (508) 979-1493

Para a informação em Português, chame Lee a (508) 763-5924

Instead of trashing your rigid plastics, in the event that you are unable to sell them at a garage sale or donate them to someone who can use those items, see if your city or state offers a similar program to help save the earth of these plastics that can pose a health hazard and a detriment to the environment.

  1. My colleagues and I were just talking about this yesterday! The provincial recycling program in Ontario, Canada is intended for packaging and paper only. Through all of the promotion and education that we have done in the Regional Municipality of Halton, we have not emphasized this detail. While we have many images and lists of what is acceptable in our Blue Box recycling program, we have not readily communicated the purpose of the program.

    Ontario’s Blue Box recycling program is run by Stewardship Ontario, who collect fees from producers and first importers to partially fund the Blue Box. The Blue Box collection programs are operated and funded at the municipal level (that’s where we come in). While the system is not perfect, it is growing as more and more municipalities are adding acceptable items to their Blue Box programs.

    Rigid plastics, as far a I know, have not been added to any Ontario Blue Box program (maybe with the exception of the 5-gal pail). We do see these at the curb and often they are left behind or become part of the residual stream during processing.

    But to many, plastic is plastic is plastic. Of course we do not expect residents to be plastic experts or chemical engineers. We do our best to promote and educate what materials can go in our Blue Box as contamination affects the bottom line, and that is a common denominator that we can all identify with.

    Check out our blog on the recycling symbol and resin id http://haltonrecycles.wordpress.com/2012/09/17/a-symbol-that-changed-the-world/

    I applaud your efforts… good luck!

    Nicole Meek, Halton Region, http://www.haltonrecycles.ca, @haltonrecycles


    • Hello Nicole,

      Thank you so much for your very nice and very detailed comment. Favorite Things for a CAUSE would like to equally applaud your efforts in bringing awareness to recycling and sustainability in your area.

      We try to touch on topics that are some of our favorite causes for advocacy to make positive changes in our community, nation and around the world. We urge you to continue with your mission, because we truly believe that even if we can change the consciousness of people thinking about their responsibility for our planet, that has become so fragile from much of our carelessness and negligence, then we can make an impact to create a better environment for the next generation and the generations thereafter.

      Thank you for sharing your link to a great post. Stay encouraged and we hope that by continuing to keep this conversation going and bringing recycling to a whole new level with our various agencies and officials, that they will become even more proactive to implementing more programs for environmental sustainability.

      Thanks again!
      Peace & Blessings Always!


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    • Thank you for your comment CK Polymers. We hope that people will be mindful of how they dispose of rigid plastics and thank you for finding that niche to give the public a responsible solution for recycling their rigid plastic items, instead of dumping it carelessly! Have a wonderful and prosperous day!


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