The Dove’s Nest Opens New Shelter for Addicted Women and their Children

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Charities, Community Outreach
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The Dove’s Nest, a subsidiary of the Charlotte Rescue Mission, opened the doors of their new facility on West Boulevard in Charlotte, North Carolina last week. The old 3,500 square foot facility that housed and served up to 12 women at a time, opened in 1992. With the new $11.2 million treatment center that holds 120 beds, it will be able to serve 10 times more women than the original facility and accommodate many women who may have children with nowhere to go.

The beds for women with custody of their children will save a mother the heartache of trying to find someone to take care of her children during the four months she is at Dove’s Nest. There are limited facilities that serve homeless women and even fewer with a focus on addiction and a long-term recovery programming.

TheDove’s Nest programs are purposefully designed to address the root issues of addiction from the inside out. Using the bio-psychosocial model for recovery their professionally qualified, program staff treat the whole person, equipping these women with the knowledge and skills they need for long-term sobriety. Primary counselors develop a recovery plan tailored for the specific issues/needs of the client. Dove’s Nest also works in collaboration with other local nonprofits and service providers to address the needs of the client.

To learn more about the Dove’s Nest and how you can support this worthy cause, visit their website or call 704-334-4635.


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