Saluting Julianna Russell, Community Green Award Winner

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Community Outreach, Recycling
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Congratulations Julianna Russell!

Julianna Russell, a senior attending Shaw High School in Columbus, Georgia was honored as this month’s Community Green Award Winner. She is involved with the Shaw Green Club, which helps to organize recycling efforts around Columbus. With the recycling program, they have at Shaw High School, Julianna and the team visit different elementary and middle schools to help them get their recycling programs off the ground. They also pick up all of the recycling around the schools.

Julianna also collects the tabs off of soda cans to donate to the Ronald McDonald House, so they can be sold to raise money. Her parents stayed at the Ronald MacDonald House when she had surgery for spinal bifida at Scottish Rite Hospital. Thus, giving back to them is near and dear to her heart. If anyone wants to participate and donate soda can tabs to Shaw High School or the Ronald McDonald House, the smallest of these donations can really make a huge difference.

Congratulations on receiving the Community Green Award Julianna. Favorite Things for a CAUSE salutes you and cheers you on to continue doing the wonderful community work that you are doing. We are certain that Columbus, Georgia appreciates it. Continue being an inspiration to so many people. We really enjoyed hearing about your story.


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