Mattress Recycling Avoids Landfill Eyesores

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Charities, Recycling
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After a few years, your mattress loses the spring in its step and you are ready to purchase a new set. Belmont students started a company called Spring Back whose goal is to keep mattresses from clogging up landfills. There is an estimated 300 mattresses tossed in landfills every day and are extremely difficult to break down. Spring Back is a joint partnership between Belmont College students and Belmont Church’s Isaiah 58 Ministry, that employs former homeless individuals or people who were once incarcerated, to give them a second chance to contribute to society.

Spring Back estimates that they can recycle up to 90% of every mattress. Metal springs are melted down and sold to steel companies. The cotton and foam are sold for carpet bagging or insulation. The wood is sold to wood chippers or burnt for fuel. Spring Back gets about 400 mattresses a month for their recycling initiative. Learn more about how this group is changing the way we dispose of our old mattresses and box springs.


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