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A story that ran in the “Good News” section of the Huffington Post written by Patience Salgado showed us the heart of the people we all rely on the most…our garbage collectors.

Patience took an informal survey among friends and family, and came to the conclusion from the results that the most thankless job is that of a garbage collector. After talking to a few collectors in her neighborhood, she found that they just wanted to be respected. That’s a very simple request that resonates beyond what their job description entails. This sparked the “kindness mission” where Patience urged people to leave simple messages of respect and gratitude for their garbage collectors on their trash receptacles. Garbage collectors were able to see just how special they really are, even if they don’t hear it that often.

To read more about this mission spearheaded by Patience Salgado check out her story at Thank you Patience, for that small act of kindness that made an extraordinary impact on people who contribute so much to our lives every day.


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