Project Turning Grease Into Fuel (TGIF)

We have seen the ills and expense resulting in major plumbing repairs from pouring used cooking grease down your drain. We are a society that uses oil for sautéing, frying and cooking. In the same sense we have see the damage that used cooking oil has created. Many cities are generating ways to recycle your used cooking oil. Instead of pouring it down your drain or throwing it in the trash to clog and create worse conditions in our landfills, a group of students from Westerly, RI decided to do something about this dilemma.

Project Turn Grease into Fuel (TGIF) is a student-led project where restaurants and residents recycle their waste cooking oil, by turning it into biodiesel and donating it to charities that support families who require heating assistance. Their goal is to reduce carbon emissions by turning waste cooking oil into biodiesel. The EPA awarded Project TGIF with the President’s Environmental Youth Award.

There is a solution to this environmental hazard and you can do something to help. Find a local cooking oil disposal site in your area through By turning waste cooking oil into biodiesel, this recycled heating fuel is donated to help many low-income families in need.


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