The Most Charitable Country On The Planet: United States of America

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Charities
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We came across this article posted by India Infoline News that shared results from a survey conducted by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) stating that the USA is officially the most charitable nation in the world. Outstanding! In light of the fact that we continue to hear grim stories about the economy, jobs and the increase in destitute individuals, we are still finding everyday heroes stepping up to the plate to lend a helping hand and make a positive and edifying difference in someone else’s life.

This news is so refreshing as we see that there is still more good than bad being done by people around the globe. Could the financial crisis that is spreading around the world and handicapping many economies be a blessing in disguise? Are we seeing a surge of more people unfolding their arms, saying that someone should do something and finding that they are instead stepping up to the plate to be a contributor instead of a spectator?

Since we are in that time of the year where we are expected to give thanks for the simple and often overlooked things in our daily lives, why not stop, refocus and remove “self” from the equation. Do you feel that a national and global crisis had to happen in order to make people stop and look at perhaps how we have been a little selfish instead of altruistic? This article USA ‘Most Charitable Country on Planet’ not only focuses on the increase of charity in the US, but how efforts around the world have been bumped up.


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