Promoting Community Recycling Involvement Through Cans

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Environmental Awareness, Recycling
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Can Manufacturers Institute

Do you see various types of cans that are discarded in garbage cans or found littered along the highway that could be recycled into other useful items? What about any cans that you opened from Thanksgiving or better yet every day, that could go into the recycling bin or collected to take to a recycling center and turned into cash? Approximately 20,000 steel cans are recycled in the United States every minute.

The Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) promotes community-recycling involvement, sponsors recycling events and distributes educational materials involving the importance of environmental awareness. CMI serves as the voice of the metal can making industry, by providing a forum for members to advocate common industry positions before legislative and regulatory agencies. This trade association representing the metal and composite can manufacturing industry and its suppliers in the U.S. promotes the “can” and communicates its numerous benefits to their customers, media and trade analysts.

Here are a few facts provided by CMI regarding the sustainability of cans:

Cans are the most recycled food and beverage package in the United States

Cans are produced with abundant and recycled materials

Cans save energy

Cans ensure safe, nutritious food and beverages

Cans prevent spoilage and product waste

Can Manufacturers Institute

Cans are economically efficient

If you, your school or organization is interested in turning aluminum cans into cash, check out the Great American Can RoundUp (GACR) which a fun and easy way to raise money and help the environment at the same time.


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