Car Heaven: Are You Recycling Your Automobile Responsibly?

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Environmental Awareness, Recycling
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Recycle Your Vehicle Responsibly!

Automobiles are one of the most recycled products. Although this is a great and useful method, it also poses an environmentally contaminated problem. Depending on the recycling process, componentry could be combined when crushed for recycling. However, many programs are being implemented to recycle vehicles in an environmentally responsible way through dismantling those vehicles. The Canadian organization, Car Heaven encourages all sustainable transportation providers to have their vehicles dismantled that will comply with the environmental process guidelines.

When vehicles are sent to Car Heaven, Canadians can rest assure that their cars will be recycled responsibly through the Canadian Automotive Recycler’s Environmental Code. This process ensures that materials like gasoline, mercury switches, oil, refrigerants and tires are removed from the vehicle prior to scrapping the vehicle. Over 80% of vehicles are reused and recycled to ensure that the remaining materials are properly disposed of.

Countries like Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United States of America are continuing to implement comprehensive laws and programs to make owners and manufacturers responsible for this process of auto recovery. Learn more about the Car Heaven program that has been a successful resource for recycling and dismantling End-of-Life vehicles (ELV) in Canada


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