Donate Your Surplus of Books!

Illiteracy is unacceptable in this day and time, especially when there are so many sources and resources for reading and learning. We continue to witness this disturbingly growing trend that affects a staggering number of people in this country. In spite of the type of environment causing illiteracy to migrate, we are finding more children and adults wanting to purchase more books, but are unable to afford them. In addition, many libraries are in desperate need of books to stock on their shelves, but are unable to do so.  Fortunately, there is a way you can get involved in the literacy crusade and help to abolish this deadly educational deficiency one book at a time.

Reading Tree, a nonprofit organization based in Massachusetts and Utah, promotes local conservation and reuse of books. This organization is committed to environmental and conservation awareness in the United States by promoting the responsible reuse of books. Most discarded books in the U.S. are shredded and reduced to pulp in which the destructive chemical processes used to destroy the books also releases harmful environmental pollutants. Reading Tree is dedicated to cultural bridge building on a local, national and international scale, by providing the tools of literacy and education. They are concerned about landfills and dumpsites filled with reusable trashed books.

Traditionally, books are produced from trees. In spite of many digital book readers like the Kindle, Nook or Sony E-Reader, many people still love and enjoy the feel of a thumbing through the pages of a book. If you have a surplus of any good quality books that are still in good or mint condition, consider donating them to households, schools or libraries in desperate need of collecting and redistributing these books. Click here to learn more about Reading Tree and their mission.


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