Rachel Beckwith: Angel Gone Too Soon

I think practically everyone has been touched by the story about 9-year old Rachel Beckwith, who suddenly died in a tragic traffic accident in July.

In lieu of getting presents for her 9th birthday (June 12), Rachel requested that people send donations to help build water wells in Africa for people who do not have access to clean drinking water as we have in the United States. Her goal was to raise $300. As modest as that amount may seem to many, to a 9-year old that was a lot of money.

Although she came short of her goal by $80 for her birthday, Rachel was not discouraged, but determined to find better ways in her efforts for her 10th birthday. When an unfortunate traffic accident claimed her life in July, amazingly, the word got out about what she was doing and more people began contributing to Rachel’s pool of donations for Charity: Water. As of this writing, over $1.1 million dollars has been raised in her memory.

Now, the lesson here is not about a 9-year-old little girl raising money to donate to a charity. Having compassion for those who may not be as fortunate as many and using the resources that you have to make a positive difference in their lives is the key to understanding this lesson. You don’t have to be a celebrity, nor do you have to be a millionaire to make a genuine, heartfelt, positive impact to help others, regardless of how young or old you may be.

By paying it forward in an unselfish and loving way, you can teach others more by “doing”, instead of just talking about it and wind up doing nothing at all.


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