Don’t Get Duped for Helping Others

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Charities
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We are always excited to read and report about many wonderful people and organizations that are doing something worthwhile to contribute to those in need. While we have those who are servicing others legitimately, there are many con-artists out here trying to deceive people into giving to a cause that does not exist. While something like that infuriates us, the best way to fight such criminal activity is to equip yourself with the knowledge to stop them in their tracks or at least slow their deceptive ways down.

Before donating, make sure that you are giving to a legitimate cause. Be sure to do your research first before taking a financial leap that could prove costly.

Check with your Better Business Bureau, State Attorneys General Office or any other organization overseeing nonprofits, to make sure your donations are going to the right people for the right cause.

Ask around and see if others know about or have the inside scoop on certain charities.

For additional information on charity fraud, check out this page from the Federal Trade Commission:

By nature, more often than not, people will help those in need. It is unfortunate that some people will take advantage of and abuse the compassion of what so many are willing to give.


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