Water for the World

Humanitarianism is something that you don’t have to look around the globe for. The social consciousness of young people around the world is more adept than many of us realize. In spring of 2006, college students at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California were responsible for establishing an organization called Wishing Well: Water for the World. The Wishing Well initiative helps to empower communities to transform their world by providing water to those in need and do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. The headquarters moved to Oklahoma Christian University during the fall season of 2006.

Ryan Groves is the President and Co-founder of Wishing Well: Water for the World. He is a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University and along with his brother Brendan, they began Wishing Well as a small student organization focusing on creative ways to combat the water crisis.

There are people in many countries that have to walk about 4 miles one-way, just to get a bucket of water. More often than not, people and animals use the same source of water, which makes it extremely unsafe and deadly to use for cooking and drinking. Waterborne pollutants, bacteria and other parasites dwell in these watering holes that will result in diseases and deadly consequences for those who  consume it.

Wishing Well: Water for the World offers many ways to get involved and help with the water crisis around the globe. This 501(c)(3) public charity, based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma partners with many drilling organizations to bring water wells to those who have limited access to safe drinking water. Wishing Well has assisted 9 countries (The Gambia, Haiti, Guinea, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Philippines and Rwanda) with a combined total of 65 wells. You can become a part of that campaign to change, heal and to be an advocate to help transform the world. http://wishforwater.com/. Get informed and then get involved!

  1. Thank you so much for using free time in order to create “Wishing Well: Water for the World
    | Favorite Things for a CAUSE”. Thank you once again -Ona


    • Ona, thank you so much for commenting on our post. If you don’t mind, please send us any updates on what Wishing Well is currently doing. We would like to do a follow-up on water charities that we previously blogged about as we lead up to World Water Day in March.

      We truly appreciate your kind comment and thank you for giving us a story to share with others around the world. Keep up the wonderful work that the organization is currently doing. Thanks again!


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