Founder Blake Mycoskie of TOMS with shoe recipients

When you buy a pair of shoes from TOMS Shoes you may not have any idea how much of an impact your purchase is making. TOMS Shoes sets an impressive standard with their “One For One” concept of giving. Their “One-for-One” idea simply means that for every pair of shoes they sell, they will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. So far, they have given away over a million pairs of shoes. What a precedence they set for social consciousness in the retail and charitable industries.

In 2006, founder Blake Mycoskie brought TOMS to fruition. He was inspired by a trip he took to Argentina where he witnessed extreme poverty and poor health conditions. He also noticed that children were walking around without shoes and cleverly decided to build a business that would commit to matching every pair of TOMS shoes purchased, with a pair of shoes given to a child in need.

TOMS’ charitable commitment inspired so many others that it spilled over into what is known as the TOMS Movement. Compassionate young people who are involved with TOMS through campus clubs and internships started the TOMS Movement. College students were also responsible for helping to launch One Day Without Shoes in 2008.  This event occurs in April when TOMS asks people to go without shoes to raise awareness of children growing up barefoot. The TOMS Movement has grown beyond college campuses and in 2010, over 250,000 people went barefoot to support this cause. On April 5, 2011, over 1,000 One Day Without Shoes events were held in over 25 countries worldwide! TOMS works to establish shoe-giving partnerships with humanitarian organizations globally, to build long-term relationships in the countries and communities they serve.



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