Happy Father's Day

So often, we hear about the deadbeat dads, abusive fathers and those who forget about spending quality time with their children to be the father that they are supposed to be. These reports sometimes overshadow the fathers who love their children, nurture them, make them feel like they could achieve just about anything in life and teach their families how to hold on to their ethical values and good character.

On this Father’s Day, we want to wish all Dads who truly emulate the qualities of what God meant for their role as father to be, a celebratory day. We salute the fathers who multiply their spiritual love through edification and lead as the head of their household by strengthening the nucleus of their families and laying the best solid foundation for all generations that follow!

To all of our fathers who step up to the plate and continue to be the father they are supposed to be for their children, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day today and every day throughout the year! Have an enjoyable and relaxing day!

  1. I’m so glad you shared Fathers Day with all of us. Fathers Day for some can be bitter or super sweet. Funny, there doesn’t seen to be a middle of the road feeling for daddies. Happy Fathers Day to all the not so great dads we wish would enroll in the job title.


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