Promoting Just & Sustainable Responsibility

We continue to recognize the ongoing efforts of so many individuals and organizations that remain committed to promoting renewable energy, fighting for environmental protection and building healthy communities here and abroad. We would like to spotlight a national nonprofit organization called Green America who continue to promote ongoing positive social and environmental progress since 1982. Green America was formally known as “Co-op America” until January 1, 2009.

Social and environmental sustainability is their mission for the preservation and bountifulness of this planet for generations to come. Green America makes a difference in helping people stand up to companies who hurt people and the environment, while supporting the companies who are making a difference by practicing social and environmental responsibility. They focus on economic strategies, empower people to take personal and collective action, as well as mobilize people in their economic roles as consumers, investors, business leaders and workers.

Green America offers a wealth of information on various programs, publications, green businesses, social investing and information on how to get involved in the “green” initiative. Their green directory, “National Green Pages” lists companies who get the Green America seal of approval. If you have a green living question, click here to submit your question.


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