Young Entrepreneurs: Cyrus and Grace Garringer

We stumbled upon this wonderful story about two siblings deciding to do something about the insufficiency of recycling in their community. What many adults probably think of as a waste of time, this sister and brother team decided to take the time to do something about the waste. Cyrus and Grace Garringer of Santa  Rosa Beach Florida, started their own recycling business called SoWal Recycles.

Cyrus who  is 10 years old and Grace who is 8 years old, knew that  their local waste management company did not offer residential recycling services for the South Walton area where they live, so they wanted to make things easier for residents to recycle every day. SoWal Recycles serves the South Walton area in Florida and extends their services to local businesses.

Customers using the services of SoWal Recycles can select days of the week they want their recyclables picked up and how often. Grace and Cyrus currently arrange to pick up the recyclables from their client’s homes after school, then separate the items to be delivered at Walton County recycling bins. Of course this dynamic duo cannot drive, so their parents do that part, as well as teach them how to operate their new business responsibly. Like any new or existing business, Cyrus and Grace have to track their expenses, as well as their income. The items they collect for recycling include:

  • Clean Dry Paper
  • Tin/Steel/Aluminum cans
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Plastics
  • Glass

What is even more impressive is their decision to pay-it-forward with their business. They will donate 10% of their monthly profit to different charities. They decided that their first donation would help victims of the Alabama tornado. Each month their charity will change.

SoWal Recycles is not just about making money or recycling, but Cyrus and Grace’s interest also include other projects like hosting some mini Earth Day parties during their summer break and invite friends to help clean up their local beach. For more information about SoWal Recycles, visit their blog at or you can email them at

Grace and Cyrus, we applaud your tenacity and dedicated work to help bring environmental awareness to your community. We hope that more people will be inspired by your environmental initiatives to do their part to recycle more. Favorite Things for a CAUSE salutes you and encourages you to continue with your commitment and your extraordinary “can-do” spirit!


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