Electronic Recycling

As part of our Clean Up Your ACT! initiative, we will continue to bring you news and updates to discover ways that would improve our residential, commercial, educational, environmental and industrial communities. Recycling is a major concern for us. All too often, we waste many valuable things we reject by tossing them in the trash and sending them to pollute landfills. Companies are becoming more conscientious about this type of wastefulness and the importance of reprocessing anything that can be recycled. We are finding more companies stepping up to the plate by becoming more responsible for implementing sustainability efforts in their environment.

We came across this website Electronics Recycling Directory that helps you to find recyclers and refurbishers for used electronics. Companies of all sizes and in all locations use the Electronics Recycling Directory to find partners for their particular needs. On the orange sidebar tab on this site, there is a link “Find Your State Program” that lists contact information for U.S. State Programs for electronics recycling. This site contains some very valuable information to help you become more sustainable and responsible for electronic recycling.

Electronic waste is just as lethal to the environment as litter. Sometimes when it’s time to upgrade, we have no clue what to do with our electronics. It is amazing how many people simply dispose of their old electronics in the trash because it is an easy thing to do. Let us make a commitment to recycle responsibly. The Electronics Recycling Directory is a good resource for electronics recycling news, events, technological innovation and current e-scrap prices. http://www.electronicsrecyclingdirectory.com/index.php What are you doing to promote recycling your electronics?

  1. Another potential problem with electronic waste is identity theft. It is essential that you ensure that the company you use to dispose of your waste provide a full and secure data destruction process (otherwise you risk identify theft).


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