In the matter of a split second…lives are forever changed! Mass hysteria…fear…and no time to say goodbye.

Watching the devastation from several tornados ripping through the southern states and leaving miles of debris and devastation has been heart wrenching. It seems like our storms are becoming increasingly violent from the Tsunami hitting Japan and other regions in the previous years, to the victims of hurricanes and most recently these deadly tornados. In times like these, we are left exposed to the elements of questions and bewilderment. Who do you turn to, where do you go and what do you do? It seems like you are having a nightmare, only to wake up and realize that you were not dreaming at all. Emotions are high and brokenness is felt in every way imaginable.

Let us continue to pray for all of the victims from these massive storms who are coming to grips with the cleanup efforts and many who are preparing to bury family members and friends. Amid all of the turbulence that we have seen and endured throughout a wide spectrum of areas in our lives, let us continue to be optimistic, although things look hopeless. Let us continue to pray for our brothers and sisters, even when it seems like our faith is weak. Let us continue to help even when our wallets say otherwise. Let us be what the song “Lean on Me” sung by Bill Withers echoed what we should do, when we feel the need to sit down and sulk. We can be that bridge over troubled waters. In the heart of it all, just when things seem their absolute worse, we know that better days are ahead and this too shall pass.

God Bless.

  1. As the winds blew by us, some lost everything. Our prayers are with all.


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