EcoCentric: The Planet’s Natural Air Filters

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Environmental Awareness
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As you know, Favorite Things for a CAUSE is focusing on an important area of our lives that many people do not acknowledge as a priority in our survival on this planet. We witness so many cases of abuse and neglect to our ecosystems until we have to wonder how much more this earth can really take from the manmade turbulences all around the world. All too often, one has to wonder if the environmental disasters taking place here and abroad are a direct result of our negligence.

We found a great article that we recommend you to read on the EcoCentric Blog from Time Magazine (partner with CNN).  “The Planet’s Natural Air Filters,” posted by Jeffrey Kluger, notes how the earth as a whole, has a remarkable lifelike ability to heal itself when it has been hurt. This article goes on to talk about a new study by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy that reveals just how powerful U.S. forests can be in ameliorating the polluting effects of our fossil fuel addiction.

Read more here:

Become more environmentally conscious and do your part in healing our planet Earth. Continue to be proactive and mindful of what you do, that affects this world we inhabit.


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