Favorite Things for a CAUSE came across a new education and grant program that Google is implementing to help nonprofit organizations apply for a suite of tools to run their organizations more efficiently and effectively.  Currently the Google for Nonprofits Program is only available to nonprofit organizations in the United States, but individual products are available in select countries.

Here are some of the requirements to participate in this opportunity:

  1. US Organizations must have current 501(c)(3) status, as assigned by the Internal Revenue Service, to be considered for the Google for Nonprofits program. If you do not have a valid 501(c)(3) status then you are not eligible for this program.
  2. Note that it can take some time from when your organization receives your IRS notification of this status until your EIN appears and is updated in the online database. To be considered for the Google for Nonprofits program, your tax status must first be updated in the online database; copies of IRS letters are not sufficient for this requirement.
  3. The Google for Nonprofits program is planning to expand to more countries in the future. If your country/region isn’t currently listed, be sure to check back here or visit our blog for program expansion updates.

To learn more about how your organization can take advantage of the Google for Nonprofits Program, click on this link: http://www.google.com/nonprofits/.



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