People judge a book by its cover, instead of the inside contents. However, visual observation of how a habitat looks sadly rates and categorizes the people who live in that neighborhood. All too often, neighborhoods seem to be defined by the way they look overall, the houses that occupy these neighborhoods and the pride residents take in how their communities look.

We, at Favorite Things for a CAUSE, are working to protect and bring awareness to environmental pride and ecological sustainability through recycling and participating in neighborhood cleanup initiatives. We continuously discuss things that dangerously affect our environment like air pollution, contaminants that plague our water systems and toxic waste. While we cannot solve all of these problems, we are doing a small part to make a difference in the way we handle a very fragile environment.

Because we see so much abuse that our environment is undergoing, we are implementing an ecological initiative called Project Clean Up Your ACT! ACT is an acronym for All Communities Tidying-up! If we start by making a difference in our personal communities, that will make a major impact to help our world heal.

Often, people do not think about the cigarette butts they flick out of their car windows, the trash they throw out on the side of the road, the plastic bottles that are discarded on the ground and the chemicals they dump in the earth or waterways. All too often, these pollutants saturate the ground where they can potentially bleed into the soil where our food is grown, or is ingested into the systems of marine life, from litter and chemicals that are recklessly discarded in the oceans, rivers and other waterways.

We have to think about why we are witnessing such a surge in diseases and disorders in our bodies, making it difficult to diagnose or find the proper medical treatment for these disorders. As we approach EARTH DAY, which is observed on April 22, 2011, we hope to raise a greater level of awareness on living and acting sustainably every single day and not just for one day of the year. We will be sharing with you ideas that you can do in your own community to make a difference. Stay tuned because we will be sharing a FREE downloadable E-booklet to use as a template to organize things you can do in your community to tidy-up and heal the world to make it a better place!


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