The Earth Shook and the Water Flowed!

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Benevolent
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How do you stop a massive tidal wave heading in your direction without warning? You can’t! We are not living in a Sci-fi world where scientists suddenly save the day by creating a diversion to avoid universal casualties, fatalities and mass destruction.

In the wake of the tsunami that violently hit Japan on Friday, let us continue to pray for all of those directly affected by this devastation, the victims and their families from afar. Large numbers of families have no idea where this massive disaster swept their loved ones to.  We are not superhuman and must remember that we are not in control of what is already inevitable. When an 8.9 earthquake hit Japan sparking a tsunami with waves reaching 23 feet high and at the speed of a jumbo jet, anything in its path was swallowed up or swept away.

As of today, thousands of people are still missing and may never be found. Japan remains on a nuclear watch that could be more catastrophic than we could ever fathom. The area is still on alert due to powerful aftershocks that could last for several days. As we continue to pray for those hit with this type of mass destruction, let us also be mindful of how truly blessed we are in more ways than we can imagine. Let us not be swept away by our selfishness, greed, complacency, hatred, violence, lack of compassion and education. Believe me, being swept away by the things that we can control is just as cataclysmic and deadly as these ravaging storms hitting areas where people least expect it.

If you are interested in contributing in any type of way, financially or otherwise, we encourage you to follow your heart. If you are unable to donate money, then donate your prayers. The team from Network for good is monitoring the events regarding the tsunami relief efforts through their list of organizations preparing a response. For more information check out this Network for Good link:

This tsunami was massive, but throughout every disaster, no matter where it occurs, human compassion and assistance resonates even greater than that. May God bless all of you.


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