The Natural Instinct to Help Someone

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Encouragement & Edification
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By Francene Marie Morris

Sometimes we’re sitting beside, behind or a day away from our dreams and opportunities. Opportunities don’t always come in the packages we imagined, or delivered in the way we envisioned, and that’s okay! Or they may surprise us and come in a smaller size for us to grow larger dreams.

At times opportunity comes when we help someone else. Opportunity can be an unwanted heartbreak, a pink slip or foreclosure. At times we must say goodbye or end a chapter in order for the Universe to open up greatness as we step out of the old and into the new. The new is something we may not want, but need. The new might be something we fear. The new is always meant for good, but not always recognized. We see this as our incomes shrink, or non-profits loose traction or our relationships wilt.

Sometimes we think we’re burdened when someone needs our help for the second or third time. The great news is, when things appear disguised as something else, it’s ready for us to prosper into it. Since life is unique and unpredictable, it’s up to us to reach inside and give back when we’re doubtful.  We’re designed to help others reach their goals. Someone is looking up to you at this very moment without you knowing it. You can inspire someone tomorrow by just paying them attention, caring about their situation or making a phone call to make their dreams come into fruition.

Every good intention gives credence to build ourselves back up and out of our own troubles and fears.  Sometimes we must move forward with the WILL and FAITH.  WILL and FAITH is second nature, but our first instinct is to help someone else. Opportunity is the portal for us to help others, and in the process we come closer to our own opportunity sitting beside us, behind us or a day away from us.                                         

  1. mace says:

    Francene and Kym, I took an opportunity to read through some of your blogs and I must say I felt challenged, inspired, and encouraged all at the same time. Glad you guys are blessing us with your insight and wisdom. Please keep up the great work!


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