An update from Kym Gordon Moore

I was blessed to represent the Dove’s Nest, a subsidiary of the Charlotte Rescue Mission, as their 2009 General Mills Feeding Dreams Community Champion. On Thursday October 21, 2010, I had the honor of attending the groundbreaking ceremonies for the new expanded facility for the Dove’s Nest in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Charlotte Rescue Mission (CRM) is meeting a critical need in our community. Across America, substance abuse is taking a toll on men, women, children and their communities. North Carolina is no exception. There are limited facilities to serve homeless women and even fewer with a focus on addiction and a long-term recovery programming.

CRM purchased 11 acres on West Boulevard in Charlotte for construction of a new Dove’s Nest building, which will increase treatment bed capacity from the current level of 20 to 90. The comprehensive new facility will feature a two-phased recovery approach providing 10 Pre-Program beds, 80 Primary Care beds (of which 10 beds are set aside for women with custody of their children). The addition of a pre-program will provide an evaluation period and determine the commitment of the woman to fully participate in the primary care program. The beds for women with custody of their children will save a mother the heartache of trying to find someone to take care of her children during the four months she is at Dove’s Nest. 

CRM’s mission is to minister to individuals caught in cycles of poverty, hopelessness and chemical addiction by meeting their spiritual, physical, emotional, social and vocational needs.  The Dove’s Nest programs are purposefully designed to address the root issues of addiction from the inside out. Using the bio-psychosocial model for recovery their professionally qualified, program staff treat the whole person, equipping these women with the knowledge and skills they need for long-term sobriety. Primary counselors develop a recovery plan tailored for the specific issues/needs of the client. Dove’s Nest also works in collaboration with other local nonprofits and service providers to address the needs of the client.

It is imperative that these women are helped. The alternative is not acceptable – life back on the streets or in prison, crime, spread of HIV/AIDS or other diseases, children they can’t properly care for who become at great risk, or even addiction related death.  Addiction is costly to a community and to these women and their families. Charlotte Rescue Mission provides an effective, economical recovery program that has a proven record of accomplishment. In 2009, the Dove’s Nest 120 day recovery program completion rate was 61%, far surpassing the national average for comparable populations (18%).

To learn more about this much needed expansion project, check out their webpage at On behalf of my Dove’s Nest friends Linda Currie, Program Director and Shante Anderson, Case/Facility/Volunteer Manager, we are grateful for everyone’s support. Please feel free to contact them for answers on what you can do to donate to this worthy program of recovery and rehabilitation. 704-332-3999. I would also like to applaud our dear friend Rev. Anthony Marciano II, Executive Director for the Charlotte Rescue Mission, for his ongoing commitment and support for these life-changing programs affecting so many who are in desperate need.


  1. this is a wonderful program.


  2. Connie Daney says:

    CRM-Dove’s Nest has helped me turn my life around! Life challenges I’m face with today I endure and have a whole network of great people that understands and tools to use when situatiions arises!! Thank you
    CRM-Dove’s Nest and love to all!!!


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment Connie. Your story is encouraging and we pray that you will continue to rise above the challenges that may try to take you back to that dark place, that once held you hostage to the things trying to kill you and your spirit. We are so proud of you and always happy to hear stories like yours that are a result of the ministry from the caring staff and program of the Dove’s Nest and the new support system that will empower you to press on just when you feel weak!

      Peace & Blessings Always,
      Favorite Things for a CAUSE


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