There are many noteworthy charities and causes in our communities dedicated to a targeted mission of benevolence. With many of the horror stories we witnessed regarding some dishonest members of certain organizations misusing and abusing funds, it has undoubtedly affected the overt generosity that we once witnessed from donors.

Not all nonprofit organizations have experienced such unethical behavior, but the exposure of these dishonest practices certainly influenced the way people are giving now-a-days. Individuals and corporations are giving more methodically and strategically. Days of the “open wallet” of contributions from corporations to those who ask, are gone with the wind.

With that said, we came across an article written by one of our local media correspondents that talks about the necessity of charities rethinking their marketing and business plans in order to survive our ever changing, donor retentive, techno savvy world. Numerous organizations are vying for donor dollars and they are coming to grips with the fact that they must rethink their current structure and plans, in order to operate strategically and profitably.

Please enjoy this article, written by Ron Stodghill, a columnist for the Charlotte Observer entitled “Charities must change to survive!” This is certainly a wakeup call to those nonprofit organizations that refuse to fail or become obsolete.  

Ron Stodghill, a columnist for the Charlotte Observer, has spent his career writing about business leaders, trends and culture — from the factory floor to the corner office. Prior to joining the Observer, he wrote for such publications as Time, Business Week and the New York Times.       


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