Established in 1999 and inspired by the blessed, miraculous birth of his daughter Faith, Pastor Charles L. Webber became the Founder and CEO of Faith Ministries, Incorporated. Faith Ministries, Inc. is located in Shelby, North Carolina and serves the surrounding townships and cities of Cleveland and Gaston counties. Pastor Webber understands that the greatest assets in our community are the people who live there. Quite often, people do not know where to go or who to contact when they are in need of core necessities. Faith Ministries, Inc. collaborates and builds alliances with various community agencies, community-based ministries, local and statewide businesses, to serve as an intermediary to help find the answers to the questions many members of the community need. The motto of Faith Ministries, Inc. is “The substance of things hoped for!”

Charles Webber realizes that we have to stop the generational poverty, illiteracy and carnage that plague more communities than we care to count. “We are not ignorant to the fact that these problems can become catastrophic once these issues start to hemorrhage into our neighborhoods,” he says. After reading a recent report with alarming statistics about the plight of at-risk youth in the surrounding communities, Charles Webber decided to engage these youngsters in something they enjoy doing, while requiring them to become actively involved in some type of community outreach activity.

He designed and is launching a new program in 2011 called “Storming for Success.”  This summer youth development program will enable 50-75 underprivileged and disadvantaged boys and girls between the ages of 13-18 to receive some much needed support and assistance in three key areas: academic enrichment, life skills training, and job-seeking/employment skills training. Sessions will be conducted by former NBA and college players about the value of participating in AAU sports. Local and area leaders will speak to participants about job-seeking skills, developing good work and academic study habits, effectively dealing with peer pressure, proper etiquette at home and in the community, as well as several other personal empowerment sessions. The objective is to teach the youth how to pay it forward to others naturally, while building character and life skills for their future.

As we discovered with many local nonprofit organizations, Faith Ministries, Inc. does not receive any state or federal funding and depend on in-kind donations to keep their community programs operating. For more information about Faith Ministries, Inc. and how you can help, please visit their website at While there, you may sign up for their FREE e-newsletter, The Fountain where you can keep up with all of the latest community projects Faith Ministries, Inc. is spearheading and participating in. For inquiries, you may contact Pastor Charles Webber at

Favorite Things for a CAUSE salutes Pastor Charles L. Webber for never giving up hope when situations, people and circumstances appear hopeless. Faith Ministries, Inc. is not only the substance of things hoped for, but it is undoubtedly the evidence of things not seen!


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