In the midst of some challenging circumstances that we see in the various sectors of our lives, there still remains a constant sense of humanity that resonates beyond our reach. Throughout our communities, worship institutions, educational institutions and social networks, we witness many young people stepping up to the plate, to help those who may be suffering, lonely or less fortunate than they are. We applaud these young people who are not afraid to reach out and use their creative juices to set some profound examples of humanitarianism, hope and encouragement.

One of the organizations that recently caught our attention is Grab the Torch©. According to their website,

Grab The Torch© recognized the importance of preparing the next generation for their upcoming role and responsibility as volunteers, board and committee members and visionaries for the non-profit world long before the current economic crisis. There has never been a more critical time in our history to understand and support philanthropy and the global greater good than right now. The students need an understanding and foundation to prepare themselves for their upcoming role in society. It will be a road map for their future; a tool to guide, not to dictate. The students will take many directions, some following their families, some going 180 degrees due to personal affinities. We will encourage participation on any level. There are endless pieces of the greater good puzzle, each student holds a valuable role for the greater good.

Why not think about hosting a philanthropy camp for the children in your neighborhood, church or school. Be sure to set the example as well, so that our young people can see your convictions in action. The rewards will be greater than you think. For more information about Grab the Torch©, you can check out their website:


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