Saluting the First Graders of Wilderness Oak Elementary School

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Celebrations, Ordinary People/Extraordinary Things
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We came across an inspiring and exciting story about a class of first graders attending Wilderness Oak Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas. The Today Show featured this story last week about the student’s humanitarian effort to do something special for the children of Haiti. Incredibly, these kids (remember this is a group of “first graders”) raised over $9,000 to help the small victims of this earthquake shattered country.

For their remarkable work and unselfish hearts, they were selected over other competing schools, to travel to Orlando, Florida and visit the new Harry Potter Theme Park. When it was reported that one parent told their child not to be disappointed if their school did not win, that child responded by saying, “It was okay, because the children of Haiti already won!” Oh what we could learn from the mouth of babes!

Read more about this exciting story at:

I hope everyone will smile at this story and yet, be inspired by having big hearts like these children and the children around us. Deciding to help someone or some cause does not have to be a national story, neither do you need a wad of money, but it will indeed make a tremendous difference in the lives you sincerely touch. Be inspired, and then become an inspiration!



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