A Message from Kym Gordon Moore

Until I started taking a graduate course on Quantitative Methods and particularly focusing on linear programming, I had no idea how many things were measurable. Linear programming (a management science technique) is when a manager attempts to solve a general type of problem by seeking an objective that is subject to restrictions. Various types of software are used for measurability in literally every industry and profession you can think of, whether we are aware of it or not.

So how do you measure the effectiveness of the various operational and promotional mediums you use to increase your branding for your non-profit organization? Do you use some type of measurement analysis at all? Measurement is how you arrive at your statistical data for your organization. If it did not occur to you to add statistical data to your weekly, monthly, quarterly or semiannual reports, then you should think about the importance on how this technique adds credibility and productivity in your various decision-making processes. I came across this FREE downloadable eBook http://web.networkforgood.org/201005ebook/ that could help you to evaluate whether or not your organization’s Facebook page is as effective as you need for it to be.

The eBook is called “Is Your Nonprofit Facebook Page Worth It? Analytics and Measurement Techniques” by Shabbir J. Imber Safdar, Founder of Virilion, Inc. and Shayna Englin, Founder of Englin Consulting, LLC. Here’s the link to your FREE download again: http://web.networkforgood.org/201005ebook/. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to share this with your board members if you do not have a method of measurement in place yet.

All the best, from Favorite Things for a CAUSE!


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