Why Nonprofits Must Get Involved in the 2010 Census

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Community Outreach
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It is imperative that nonprofits get involved in the 2010 Census. Why?

  1. Programs helping people through a myriad of ways, that would enrich their lives, receive federal funding based on the census. Your local community could potentially lose millions of dollars should there be an undercount in your area, based on census data.
  2. Nonprofits have a tremendous opportunity to influence their constituents in the communities they serve, into completing the Census form in order to avoid undercount.
  3. Legislative and Congressional districts are redrawn according to count. If there is an undercount in the communities many nonprofits serve, this could lead to underrepresentation.

For more information on how nonprofits can mobilize communities for the 2010 Census, go to http://www.nonprofitscount.org/.

We urge everyone to expeditiously complete and return their Census forms when you receive them. This does not apply to nonprofit participation only. For more information on why the Census is so important, visit http://2010.census.gov/2010census/.



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